Go paperless for Outdoor School

Paperless Billing

A free, fast and secure way to receive your natural gas bill

Enjoy the benefits of going paperless

By choosing to receive your bill online—rather than by mail—you will:

  • Receive a helpful email from NW Natural when your bill is ready.
  • Have instant, easy access to your bill, 24 hours a day—from your computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other device connected to the Internet.
  • Save time and resources—no more need for postage, paper clutter or paper shredding.
  • Securely store past bills—we store up to three years’ worth of bills, payments records and energy-use history for you.

Go Paperless for Outdoor School goal reached: $15,000

Paperless billing goal achieved!

The results are in! Thanks to our paperless-billing customers—including several thousand who enrolled in paperless billing this summer—we achieved our goal of $15,000 to help send local 6th graders to Outdoor School. In collaboration with Friends of Outdoor School, customers covered:

  • Educational materials for 1,500 6th graders for a week of Outdoor School, or
  • A full week's worth of meals for 250 students

If you missed this opportunity to enroll in paperless billing, there’s still time. Paperless billing is free, fast and secure, while saving time and resources. Read more about our Go Paperless for Outdoor School campaign.