Oregon WARM Billing Method

Learn about WARM, and how it affects your bill.

WARM (Weather Adjusted Rate Mechanism) is NW Natural's default billing method for residential and commercial customers that adjusts bills during the December 1 through May 15 heating season.

Determine if you are in WARM

To determine if you are currently in WARM, check for a message on your bill. Each year, customers may opt into or out of the WARM Billing Method prior to the start of the heating season at any time between May 16 and September 30.

WARM comparison

During the heating season, customers typically see a spike in their bills during colder-than-normal weather, when more gas is needed for space heating. They usually see a drop in their bills during warmer-than-normal weather, when less gas is needed for space heating. From December through May, WARM decreases these peaks and valleys on a month-to-month basis so customers' bills won't be as high for a colder-than-average month, but also won't be as low for a warmer-than-average month. Under the WARM Billing Method, your bill for any month from December to May with colder-than-average weather will be lower than it would have been without the WARM Billing Method. If any of these heating months is warmer-than-average, your bill will be higher than it would have been without the WARM Billing Method.